The Appleby Apparel Co.

for many years now I have played with the idea of starting my own clothing brand to represent my love for travel, photography and streetwear. It wasnt until I took off to live in the canadian arctic that i finally decided that there truly is no time like the present. The Appleby Apparel Co. aims to bring a feeling of connection to a community of travellers and adventurers. The brand delivers comfortable and stylish wear to those that love to have a goodtime. "Old Soul, Young Spirit" comes from the mentality that knowledge speaks and wisdom listens, but sometimes you also need to shout from the rooftops. In this life we need to Express ourselves and enjoy life to the fullest. Every picture and design is taken and created by myself. I will continue to add peices regularly throughout my travels, so make sure you check back regularly. I hope you enjoy the collection. - G

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